OpenRoad Communications Inc.

Forums Redesign Project

OpenRoad was contracted to provide development services for its client, The Pokémon Company Inc., to convert to new forum software. They required help installing the software, migrating data, and converting existing features into IPBoard modules. JustPlainSimple was subcontracted to provide delivery of these features.

One such feature was to integrate the Cleanspeak profanity service into the IPBoard forums through a custom hook. This required writing a client to consume Cleanspeak’s REST interface and ensure that the BBCode-formatted data was properly cleaned and returned in the original BBCode format.

DevOps Automation Project

During the course of the Forums Redesign project, we had the chance to use Ansible to create a repeatable provisioned instance of IPBoard. We then noticed that the team developing features for the main Pokémon website were taking too much time to setup their development environments. In addition, since each development environment was handmade, they all had slightly different configurations, resulting in bugs that only one developer could see.

JustPlainSimple then went about to introduce an Ansible script to automate the configuration of servers that host the Pokémon web application. The result was a repeatable build of every developer’s environment for the project, plus a reduction in the time it took to fully configure an environment from days to minutes.

Initially this project was restricted for use on development machines, but it became apparent that the client could use it in their Production and Production-like environments, saving them from their Rightscale/Chef implementations. The project was accepted and allowed the client the ability to remove the vendor lock-in associated with Rightscale, possibility saving the client up to $90,000 annually in hosting fees.