UBC Public Affairs

UBC Development Office

The Development Office’s donation website required a new submission criteria and streamlined donation process for various donor types. The office also requested easier data export capabilities to their legacy systems.

JustPlainSimple was hired to coordinate with the Manager of Donor Relations to redesign the process flow for online donations. We then developed a plan to redesign the website front-end, which included major changes to the database schema to handle different donor types. This plan was implemented successfully within time and budget constraints.

The final feature request, a data export mechanism, was also implemented. The resulting deliverable now provides better reporting and statistics back to the department head.

UBC Learning Exchange

The Learning Exchange hosts programs that allow students to volunteer their time to work with children, seniors, and under-privileged persons in order to expand their awareness of life. Their registration website required annual updates to capture changes to registrant information. The application process required a lot of work from candidates, so a plan was also needed to streamline the application process.

JustPlainSimple was requested to coordinate with Learning Exchange administrators to gather annual changes to the website and develop a plan to implement those change in a cost and time-efficient manner. Then another plan was developed to streamline the registration process. We then implemented both plans, requiring both numerous front-end and database schema changes.

The final deliverables resulted in a faster intake of registrants, with less manual work needed to update registrant information.